Why do I have a SolarEdge optimised Solar System over an Enphase Micro Inverter system on my home?

As a Clean Energy Council qualified electrician, my commitment to safety and efficiency led me to choose SolarEdge for my own home and my families homes. The advantages of SolarEdge are not just words – they're the reasons behind my installation choice.

Safety is paramount, and SolarEdge excels in this regard with features like Safe DC technology. Rapid shutdown, sense connect, and Arc fault detection set an industry-leading standard for system safety. With SolarEdge's DC-coupled battery solution, you experience only one energy conversion from DC to AC, a significant improvement compared to the three conversions required by AC-coupled batteries used with Enphase micro inverter systems. This streamlined approach translates into affordability without compromising quality.


Both LID (Light Induced Degradation) and PIP (Potential Induced Degradation) are strictly eliminated to ensure higher actual yield during lifetime.


Tempered glass reinforced frame design withstand rigorous weather conditions such as heavy snow and strong wind.


Various tests under harsh environmental conditions such as ammonia and salt-mist passed.


Hyandai’s Research and Development Centre is an accredited test laboratory of both UL and VDE global safety certifications.


Hyandai Energy Solutions have a market leading product warranty for all solar panels.


All of Hyundai’s panels meet the standards for this Australian Government Initiative.

Offering a full 25 year System Warranty

SolarEdge offers comprehensive peace of mind with a full 25-year system warranty covering panels, inverters, and optimisers. Heat tolerance is exceptional, with SolarEdge optimisers warranted up to 85 degrees Celsius, outperforming Enphase micro inverters that are limited to 60 degrees Celsius. On a roof in the heat of summer in greater Sydney, where temperatures will often well exceed 65 degrees, SolarEdge ensures consistent and reliable performance.

Harnessing the power of smart energy management, SolarEdge empowers you to monitor and control your solar system, battery, EV charger, and all other smart home appliances through a single user-friendly app. Achieving an impressive energy efficiency of 97.8%, SolarEdge stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology. Additionally, its optimisers shine in low-light conditions, boasting a lower start voltage that ensures an early start and extended operation into the late hours of the day.

Join me on the journey towards safer, more efficient, and smarter energy solutions. Discover how SolarEdge can elevate your home's sustainability, all while enjoying the benefits of superior safety, optimized performance, and comprehensive warranty coverage even in the hottest climates.

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Excellent communication

Excellent Communication right through the process of quote to install. Highly recommended and only premium panels used.

Simply bypass the rest and deal with the best

I couldn't let the opportunity pass without publicly thanking Matt and Paul from Macarthur Solar on behalf of my family for an outstanding effort in recommending the the most cost effective yet efficient system suitable for our needs.Also a seamless installation process of that particular system which is without peer and most importantly after sales service and advice with a smile
Macarthur Solar really have been a revelation to my family in all aspects of customer service and expertise from start to finish and then beyond. Why? Because these guys actually care and they pride themselves in satisfying their clients 100% and leaving them with out any regrets in conducting business with them .
If you are indecisive about which cheap here today gone tomorrow cowboy company to deal with forget it Todays discount can be tomorrows dissatisfaction Simply bypass the rest and deal with the best Matt and Paul the dynamic duo from Macarthur Solar .They wont be going anywhere and they wont let you down in any aspect of the process of Solar .........and no I'm not related just a really happy old guy who had forgotten what true old fashioned service and pride in performance was like as well as a more than competitive price for absolute quality

Very impressed and would highly recommend

We were very happy with the information that he gave us regarding the minefield of Solar. Sent through quote when he said he would and answered any and all questions that we had. Gave us an honest timeframe for installation.

Installation was worry free. The installers we very courteous and thorough. Kept us informed at what stage they were up to and when they finished cleaned up - you wouldn't even know they had been at our home.

Very impressed and would highly recommend.

Great install. Good service, Great after sales service.

The team at Macathur energy were easy to deal with and happy to answer each of my many questions. They showed a willingness to understand what we wanted to achieve and then tailored the system to meet our requirements.

I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Great all round!

Great all round. The sales process was simple and clear. Great customer service with all all my questions being answered, very helpful!

When it came to install the team was very experienced and extremely happy with the workmanship. Tidy finish which was difficult on my two story home.

I highly recommend Macarthur Energy!!


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