At Macarthur Solar, we are proud to provide top-quality solar solutions to our community. Our latest project, a 6.6 kW upgrade done in Macquarie Links highlights our passion and dedication toward solar.

Project Details

15 Trina Solar Vertex S+ 440 Watt Solar Panels

We installed 15 Trina Solar Vertex S+ 440 Watt Solar Panels, known for their high power production and durability. These panels ensure you get the most out of your solar investment.

SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter

Our system includes a SolarEdge Three Phase Inverter, which optimises energy conversion and ensures reliable performance across your property.

15 SolarEdge S440 Optimisers

Each panel is paired with a SolarEdge S440 Optimiser. These optimisers help maximise energy output by reducing power losses due to shading and other factors.
Solar Macquary Links, NSW

We Offer

Professional Installations: We have a team of inhouse installers, and don’t use contractors. Our experienced team ensures a smooth and efficient installation process.

Tailored Solutions: We design our systems to meet your specific energy needs.

Support: From consultation to installation and beyond, we’re here to support you.

Energy Savings: Reduce your electricity bills with our efficient solar systems.

The Benefits of an Optimised Solar System

High Efficiency: Trina Solar panels combined with SolarEdge technology ensure maximum energy production.

Cost Savings: More power equals more savings. Lower your energy bills and reduce your reliance on the grid.

Environmentally Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint with renewable solar energy.

Increased Property Value: Enhance your property value with a quality solar system.

Our Commitment to Providing Quality Solar Systems

At Macarthur Solar, we prioritise quality and reliability. We use the best materials and latest technology to ensure your system performs optimally and lasts for years. Our team takes great care in every installation to ensure a clean and professional finish.

Get in touch!

Contact Macarthur Solar on 02 4606 2969 or info@macarthursolar.com.au

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