Frequently Asked


Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power

What are optimisers and why should I get them?

Optimisers are a small piece of hardware that allows your solar panels to operate independently which improves the performance and safety of your system.

They improve performance, even when exposed to shading or debris, which overcomes the limitations of traditional inverters.

Any faults with traditional inverters would cause your whole solar system to stop working. Solar monitoring platforms can detect when a single panel stops working with optimisers.

How does solar Edge Compare with traditional string inverters?

Solar Edge improves on every aspect of a solar inverter from production, safety, monitoring and future proof capabilities.

How can I monitor my system?

At Macarthur Solar we set you up with a consumption monitoring platform which you can view on your computer or monitor. This gives your real time updates on your energy consumption, production, battery status and much more.

Contact Macarthur Solar on 02 4606 2969 or info@macarthursolar.com.au

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