Small Enough to Care

Big Enough to deliver

Macarthur Solar has a dedicated team that specialises in commercial solar systems. We provide sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions to businesses across the Macarthur region.
Having installed commercial solar systems since 2015, we understand the unique needs of commercial enterprises. We offer tailored solar solutions that enhance energy efficiency and reduce operational costs for your factory or warehouse.

Solar quality is non-negotiable and our team of experts ensure industry  standards for all of our installations. 

Commercial Pricing


We offer a range of payment options including:

Outright purchases: Hassle-free outright payment options, allowing you to own your solar system from day one.

Finance: Invest in a solar system for your business with a tailored solar payment plan.

Power Purchase Agreement: Install your solar system with no up-front costs and buy your future energy from Macarthur Energy at reduced prices—decreasing your electricity bill in the long run.



MG Campbelltown

MG Campbelltown's solar system includes 62 solar panels supplying 25kW of energy

Mt Carmel Priory

Mt Carmel Priory's solar system includes 90 panels and three 10kW inverters, supplying 39.6kW of energy

DECO Australia

DECO's solar system includes 958 solar panels, supplying 387.58kW of energy

Contact Macarthur Solar on 02 4606 2969 or info@macarthursolar.com.au

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