Macarthur Solar is excited to announce the successful completion of our latest solar installation in Bradbury, NSW. This project highlights our continued dedication to spreading sustainable energy solutions throughout the Macarthur and Campbelltown regions, making solar power more accessible and effective for everyone.

This new installation features a robust 10.1 kW solar system, designed to cater to the specific energy needs of modern households. Equipped with 23 high-performance Trina Vertex S + Solar Panels and 23 SolarEdge S440 Optimisers, this system is built for maximum efficiency. Each component works harmoniously to convert sunlight into usable energy, ensuring optimal performance even under varied weather conditions.

The system's backbone, a Clenergy flat roof racking system, provides a secure and durable base for the solar panels. It is specifically engineered to withstand the local climate, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. Coupled with a SolarEdge single phase residential inverter, the system efficiently converts DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity, which is the standard used in homes and on the grid.
Solar System Installation Bradbury, Sydney
Interested in Solar Power for Your Home in Bradbury?

If you're a resident of Bradbury and considering solar energy for your home, this 10.1 kW system could be ideal for you. Macarthur Solar is committed to helping you transition to renewable energy with ease. Our team of expert solar installers in Bradbury is ready to provide you with a system tailored to your specific energy requirements, helping you reduce your electricity bills and increase your energy independence.

We understand that choosing the right solar system can be daunting, which is why we're here to guide you every step of the way—from the initial consultation through installation and beyond. Our post-installation support ensures you continue to benefit from your solar investment without any hassle.

Join the growing number of Bradbury homeowners who are turning to solar power as a reliable and clean energy solution. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options and learn how our latest solar technology can meet your energy needs. Click the button below to find out more about our solar installation services in Bradbury.

At Macarthur Solar, we're not just installing solar panels—we're helping build a sustainable future for Bradbury. Let us help you make a positive impact on the environment and your energy bills with a state-of-the-art solar system designed just for you.
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